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Baby and Toddler Trending Now

Welcome to our rundown of the must have, trending baby products and gifts right now. 

Whether you're decking out the nursery, on the hunt for the slickest stroller, or searching for that perfect gift - we've got you covered. Dive into our selection of essentials and adorable surprises that are all about making parenthood not just easier, but way more fun. Let’s get into it! 


Sophie La Girafe Giraffe as seen on Causeway Bazaar

Sophie La Girafe Award Winning Teether

Honestly these cute giraffes have been a staple in every young family household for years and it's no surprise because they don't just look fabulous, they really do help during teething for babies and toddlers. Created in Paris in 1961 and named after Sophie after its launch day on 25th May which is St Sophie's Day, the giraffes are made from 100% natural rubber, using the softest latex from the Hevea tree. Totally gender neutral they are a perfect gift for newborns and teething babies and toddlers.


Infantino Flip Baby Carrier via Causeway Bazaar

Infantino FLIP 4 in 1 Convertible Carrier

Get ready for a ride on the fun side with the Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier! It's like the Swiss Army knife of baby carriers, perfectly designed to grow with your little one from those newborn cuddles to toddler explorations. Starting off? Use the cosy narrow seat and cuddly padded head support to keep your tiny adventurer comfy. As they grow, just flip to the wide seat setting for an ergonomic snuggle that keeps pace with their sprouting. And for the cherry on top, use the magical Wonder Cover™ bib to keep your outfits as fresh as your baby's giggles. Whether you're navigating the great indoors or embarking on urban adventures, this carrier is your go-to for bonding time from day one to year fun!

Alpine Muffy Baby and Toddler Ear Defenders via Causeway Bazaar

Alpine Muffy Baby and Toddler Ear Defenders

Hey there, music loving parents! 🌟 Get ready to turn your baby into the coolest kid at every summer gig with the Alpine Muffy Baby ear defenders! Designed with your little one's super sensitive ears in mind, these defenders are the ultimate accessory for protecting tiny eardrums from the booming beats at festivals, the roar at sports games, and even the dazzle of fireworks shows.

Tailor-made for the tiniest of music lovers up to 36 months, Alpine Muffy ear defenders come with a snuggly, adjustable headband that hugs without squeezing that precious noggin. They're so lightweight, your baby will barely notice they're wearing them, meaning nap time can happen anytime, even amidst the hustle and bustle of your favourite concerts.

No more guilt for wanting to keep your festival season alive with a baby in tow! With Muffy Baby and Toddler Ear Defenders, you're not just dragging them along; you're introducing them to your world in the safest way possible. Let's make those summer gigs a family affair, with your baby comfortably shielded from over-stimulation. Ready to rock n' roll, baby style? 🎸💤

Juicy Bumbles Soft Leather Baby Shoes via Causeway Bazaar

Soft Leather Baby Shoes by Juicy Bumbles

Get ready to step up your baby's style game while giving their tiny toes the freedom they need to grow and explore with Juicy Bumble’s super-soft, ultra-flexible baby shoes! 👟✨

Crafted with love and the softest leather you've ever felt, Juicy Bumble shoes are like a gentle embrace for your little one's feet. They're designed to mimic the barefoot experience, ensuring every step, wiggle, and dance move comes naturally. Those little feet can move and grow without a hint of restriction, all while staying snugly protected from the world and with genius elasticated ankles these shoes stay put, no matter the adventure. It's all the freedom of bare feet, with none of the "whoops, where'd the shoe go?"

So, let your baby's feet breathe, grow, and explore in the comfiest shoes they'll ever wear. Here's to tiny steps, big milestones, and even bigger adventures! 🌈👶


Schwinn Child Bike Trailer via Causeway Bazaar

Schwinn Echo Child Bike Trailer

Hop on and take off with the Schwinn Joyrider Double Bicycle Trailer! 🚴‍♂️✨ Lightweight yet sturdy with its aluminium/steel frame, it's your perfect partner for family adventures. Don't let bugs or rain dampen your journey—their 2-in-1 canopy has got you covered, literally! Folding and storing? A breeze, thanks to quick-release wheels and a compact design. And with the universal coupler, attaching it to any bike is as easy as pie. Ready, set, joyride! 🌈👨‍👩‍👧‍👦


Regalo Easy Step Stair Gate for Babies, Toddlers and Pets via Causeway Bazaar

Regalo Easy Step Thru Gate

Meet the Regalo Easy Step® Safety Gate - your new best friend in babyproofing and beyond! This isn't just any gate; it's a superhero in disguise, ready to contain and protect your little explorer with ease and style. Crafted with the strength and durability every parent prays for, it stands tall at 30 inches and stretches its arms wide to fit openings between 29-34 and 35-38.5 inches. Designed with a one-touch release safety lock and with a convenient walk-through design, the gate is a breeze to set up with pressure mounts that say "no thank you" to drilling (your walls will thank you), and yes, they’ve thrown in the necessary hardware for those who prefer a more permanent setup. Perfect for kiddos aged 6-24 months (and medium to large furry friends) the Regalo Easy Step® Safety Gate is here to make your life easier and your home safer, one easy step at a time.


Squishmallows Perfect gift for new big brother or sister via Causeway Bazaar

Squishmallows - Perfect Gift for a New Big Brother or Sister

Step into the squishy, cuddly world of Squishmallows! 🌈 Since 2017, these collectible plushies have captured hearts in over 55 countries with their whimsical designs and ultra-soft feel. Crowned the No.1 Best Selling Toy in 2022 and decked out with seven Toy of the Year Awards, Squishmallows aren't just toys; they're a global hug sensation! So whether its a gift for a new baby or maybe you're looking to celebrate someone special becoming a new big brother or big sister, Squishmallows make the perfect gift, promising endless cuddles and smiles. Totally unisex – there is a perfect Squishmallow for everyone 🎁💖

Happy Nappy by Splash About on Causeway Bazaar

Baby and Toddler Resuable Swim Nappy by Happy Nappy

Planning your next or maybe first family holiday? Perfect for eco-conscious families and designed to grow with your little one, this swim nappy is not just a smart choice for the planet but also incredibly stylish. Available in a range of designs to suit any baby's personality, the Happy Nappy Splash About swim nappy ensures your little swimmer can splash around in comfort and style. Its adjustable, snug fit prevents any leaks, keeping adventures in the water carefree and fun. Say goodbye to single-use alternatives and hello to a sustainable, fashionable swim time experience. Make every dip in the pool or day at the beach both eco-friendly and adorable with our must-have reusable swim nappy!


Weleda Calendula Baby Hair and Body Shampoo via Causeway Bazaar

Weleda Calendula Baby Hair and Body Shampoo

THE must-have vegan friendly baby hair and body shampoo right now! Dive into bath time with a splash of gentleness and a dollop of nature. Weleda’s special baby wash is like a hug in a bottle for your little one's skin. Infused with the goodness of organic calendula extract, it's not just a bath; it's a caress that lifts away the day's adventures, leaving your baby's skin velvety and their hair as manageable as a breeze.

They’ve blended in some sweet almond oil to banish dryness, making sure that your baby stays as soft and snuggly as a cloud. Plus, their soft lather is a no-tears, no-fears formula, because like us, they believe that bath time should be full of giggles, not ouches.

Here's the cherry on top: Weleda baby wash is as kind to the planet as it is to your little one's skin. Free from all those synthetic no-nos, dermatologically proven for even the most sensitive skin, and totally vegan-friendly. 🌿💧


Amazon Baby Wishlist Link by Causeway Bazaar

Amazon Baby Wishlist

An absolute must have for new and parents-to-be is Amazon's Baby Wishlist. The perfect place to collate all the products you find on Amazon that will make your or your family and friends' life easier. Curate your own gift ideas for grandparents who have no idea what to buy or us it as a shopping list for you and your partner - a place where you can pull together your "must haves" and get a feel for just how expensive this baby lark is going to be! 


New Baby FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best gift for a newborn baby?

When selecting a gift for a newborn, consider items that support the baby's development, comfort, and the parents' needs. Plush toys made from soft, safe materials are ideal for cuddling and can be a comforting presence for babies. Musical mobiles not only serve as soothing visual and auditory stimuli but also aid in the baby's cognitive development.

Sensory books with high-contrast colours and varied textures stimulate visual and tactile senses, encouraging early learning. Swaddle blankets are practical for providing warmth and security, mimicking the snugness of the womb. Lastly, a baby memory book is a thoughtful gift for parents to document precious milestones, creating a cherished keepsake for years to come. These gifts are not only practical but also enhance the bonding experience between parents and their newborn.

What to buy a new big brother or big sister?

Choosing a gift for a new big brother or big sister is a thoughtful way to acknowledge their important role in the growing family. Consider gifts that celebrate their new status, foster independence, and encourage bonding with the newborn. Personalized storybooks that highlight the adventures of becoming a big sibling can spark excitement and pride. Interactive toys or activity kits that can be enjoyed independently are great for times when parents are busy with the baby.

To encourage bonding, choose a gift that the older sibling can share with the newborn, such as a board book they can read aloud or a soft, safe toy they can play with together. Items that recognize the older child's maturity, like a new "big sibling" t-shirt, can also make them feel special and included. These gifts help reinforce the older sibling's valuable role in the family, making the transition to big brother or big sister a joyful and positive experience.

What are practical gifts for new parents?

When it comes to picking out practical gifts for new parents, think of those little things that can make a big difference in their daily lives. Imagine giving them the gift of time and peace of mind with a diaper subscription service, ensuring they're never caught off guard during those inevitable late-night changes.

Consider how a meal delivery subscription could transform their mealtime into an opportunity to relax and bond, rather than a rushed chore. Envision the comfort and convenience a hands-free baby carrier or a soothing noise machine could provide, easing the baby into sweet dreams while giving parents a much-needed moment of calm. Or, the thoughtfulness behind a cleaning service gift, sweeping away the day's chaos, allowing them to soak up every precious moment with their newborn.

These gifts, focused on easing the new responsibilities and challenges of parenthood, are not just practical; they're a heartfelt reminder that they're supported and cherished during this life-changing journey.

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